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Introduction into our
Smart Imaging System

PPO's Smart Imaging System helps
Maple Leaf Foods

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At Last, A Solution that Detects, Identifies, and Grades Food!

Food is Chemistry .
Chemistry is Information.
Information is Actionable.

Save Money, Protect Your Brand and Increase Customer Confidence

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P&P Optica’s Smart Imaging System Gets $3 Million Boost

Reducing Spinach Waste at Ippolito

P&P Optica's Spectrometer on the International Space Station!


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How It Works

The PPO Smart Imaging System is a fully enclosed, food-safe system that is comprised of 4 main components:

A graphic that outlines the 4 main components of PPO's Smart Imaging System.
“PPO’s Smart Imaging System will provide processors with unprecedented in-line visibility over food safety and quality.”Doug Alexander, Food Processing Operations Executive
Earth Fresh Real. Good.
Queen Victoria Ippolito Group
Conestoga Meat Packers
Provision Coalition Making Food Sustainably
Criag Richardson Institute of Food Processing Technology
Food and Beverage Ontario
University of Guelph