What’s In Your Food?

Unprecedented Smart Imaging Systems For
Processing your Produce


Our patented automated hyperspectral imaging will help you

  • Optimize revenue by determining premium product, reducing waste, and mitigating costly recalls
  • Monitor your food production inline, in real-time enabling access to in-depth analytics and sending alerts to your handheld
  • Simultaneously detect multiple foreign objects with one system providing the ability to diagnose and resolve failure points
  • Accurately and automatically identify product quality (protein, water, fat content, marbling & more)

Watch our PPO Smart Imaging System Overview video!

Imagine what you can do with this level of visibility to
improve food safety, quality & efficiency

Bone content visually highlighted in steak via scan.

Bone & Cartilage

Fat content visually highlighted in steak via scan.


Protein content visually highlighted in steak via scan.


Plastic content visually highlighted in steak via scan.


PPO Smart Imaging works with Maple Leaf Foods

Learn how our Smart Imaging System helps:

P&P Optica’s Smart Imaging System provides a whole new level of visibility into your food process to improve your bottom line through:

Foreign Material

Increase your food safety to reduce customer rejections & consumer recalls.

Simultaneously detect plastic, bone, cartilage, metal, wood & rubber

Identify foreign material as small as 1 mm in-line & real-time

Quality Analysis/In-line

Improve your food quality with better analytics.

Analytically & accurately grade protein, water, fat content & more

Keep suppliers accountable  for quality

Food Processing

Reduce food waste to improve production efficiencies & save money.

Accurately determine food waste from good product

Resolve food waste issues faster with in-line, real-time results

Elevate your ability to manage your food process and supply chain like never before with our data analysis.LEARN  MORE

“PPO’s Smart Imaging System will provide processors with unprecedented in-line visibility over food safety and quality.”Doug Alexander, Food Processing Operations Executive
Earth Fresh
Queen Victoria Ippolito Group
Conestoga Meat Packers
Provision Coalition
Institute of Food Processing Technology
Food and Beverage Ontario
University of Guelph