What’s In Your Food?

Find Foreign Objects and Assess Food Quality
In Real Time, At Line Speed


Improve food safety, quality & efficiency in your plant

P&P Optica’s Smart Imaging System can “see” the chemical make-up of the food as it passes by at line speed. Unlike other vision systems, our patented technology uses hyperspectral imaging to understand food quality and find foreign contaminants.

PPO's Smart Imaging System can collect rich information about food chemistry: protein, water and fat content; tenderness; freshness and more.

Our system can also detect even very small foreign materials on the line, at line speed.

Bone content visually highlighted in steak via scan.

Bone & Cartilage

Fat content visually highlighted in steak via scan.


Protein content visually highlighted in steak via scan.


Plastic content visually highlighted in steak via scan.


Let PPO’s Smart Imaging System protect your bottom line

  • Optimize your revenue by reducing waste, avoiding costly recalls and assessing food quality
  • Improve the quality of your food by assessing characteristics such as protein, water, fat content, tenderness & more
  • Find foreign objects, regardless of type and source, with a single PPO Smart Imaging system installed on your line
  • Manage your plant and your food quality in real-time with PPO’s in-depth analytics and reporting.

See PPO’s Reconfigurable Test System in Action



Deliver safer, higher quality food to your clients
with a little help from P&P Optica

Foreign Material

Reduce customer rejections and consumer recalls.

Simultaneously detect plastic, bone, metal, wood, rubber and more.

Identify foreign material as small as 2 mm in-line and real-time.

Quality Analysis and

Improve food quality with rich information and insights.

Accurately measure protein, water, fat content and much more.

Meet your customers’ expectations, every time.

Keep your suppliers accountable for quality.

Food Processing

Save time and money by reducing food waste.

Accurately separate food waste from good product.

Reduce waste by identifying issues sooner.

Resolve issues quickly with in-line, real-time data.

See the PPO Smart Imaging System in Action at Maple Leaf Foods

PPO’s Smart Imaging System works in many different environments:

Manage your food process and supply chain like never before with PPO’s data and insights.LEARN  MORE

“PPO’s Smart Imaging System will provide processors with unprecedented in-line visibility over food safety and quality.”Doug Alexander, Food Processing Operations Executive
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