Food Safety Solutions: Through Foreign Material Detection

PPO Chemical Imaging solutions fill a much needed gap in F.M. detection. We are the one stop shop for “peace of mind”. Call on us, so no one has to recall on you!

Food Product Solutions: Quality Analysis / In-line Grading

P&P Optica Chemical Imaging systems provide the customer with an industrial based solution. Our aim is to provide our partners with a tool that ensures the quality of their brand and product!

Food Processing Solutions: Increase Overall Process Efficiency

Harness the power of PPO Chemical Imaging solutions! Our powerful technology is leveraged in-line at various critical points along your process. We put the tools in your hands for success.

Let’s get started today

P&P Optica is your trusted partner in industrial process solutions. Leverage the power of PPO Smart Imaging technology in-line to find foreign material, grade quality of food product and increase process efficiency.


A History Built In Spectrosocpy

P&P Optica (PPO) first made its mark in the world of spectroscopy as an optics consulting firm. With its expertise and understanding of a need for customized Optical Spectrometers, PPO branched out into manufacture and design. Being one of three holographic Gel Grating manufacturers in the world P&P Optica provides a high throughput, highly sensitive, customizable analytical tool. With the company’s roots tied into research it has grown and expanded into industry. Today P&P Optica provides top tier systems and solutions for both research and industry.

Experience backed by results

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