What’s in your food?

Do better than visual inspection! Solve physical contamination and improve food quality in real time, at line speed.

Minimize Physical Contamination

Minimize physical contamination

Find and remove plastic, bone, metal, wood, rubber and more.

Improve Food Quality

Improve Food Quality

Accurately measure protein, water, fat content and much more.
Optimize Plant Efficiency

Optimize Plant Efficiency

Quickly identify and solve quality issues with real time data and insights.

Protect your brand. Protect your customers. Improve your bottom line with PPO.

PPO’s patented Smart Imaging System uses hyperspectral imaging to see the chemical make-up of your products. With PPO, you can assess qualities like tenderness; protein, water and fat content; and freshness. You can also identify and remove physical contaminants (like plastic, bone and rubber) which other solutions can’t find. And you can do it all at line speed, in real time.

Deliver safer, higher quality food

With PPO’s Smart Imaging System, you can meet your customers’ expectations every time. And you can hold your suppliers accountable for quality at the same time. PPO’s Smart Imaging System collects and processes production data in real time. So you have instant access to the insights you need to make safer, higher quality food.

Transform your Production with Real Time Insights

Each day, PPO’s AI engine collects and processes real-time chemistry data about your products. We use this information to provide you with rich insights about the safety and quality of the food you’re producing.  And our Smart Imaging System is flexible enough to meet your needs and improve your plant’s decisions now and in the future. 

“PPO’s Smart Imaging System will provide processors with unprecedented in-line visibility over food safety and quality”.
Doug Alexander, Food Processing Operations Executive

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