Optimize Production with PPO Insights​

Track and report on foreign materials and quality issues with real-time data
PPO Insights

Get Real-Time Data About Your Production

PPO Insights delivers real-time information and reporting based on what’s happening on the line. 

Working with PPO’s Smart Imaging System, PPO Insights offers a user-friendly dashboard to track and report on quality metrics and foreign material incidents. 

Identify issues by supplier and uncover unexpected insights, with digital records and reports that are easy to download and share. 

Insights on Every Aspect of Production

PPO Insights

Contaminant Insights

Understand and analyze foreign materials incidents by product, by supplier, and more.
PPO Insights screenshot of pork trims on the line

Quality Insights

Assess tenderness, find woody breast, and more. See trends  to help address root cause.

Photo of PPO's Insight page measuring lean point

Composition Insights

Measure and monitor lean point in your product stream in real-time.

Make Better Decisions with Data

PPO Insights uses the data generated by our Smart Imaging System to provide digital reports and rich insights over time, leading to better decisions – and improved margins.

See Relevant Trends

Find possible areas of process improvement or optimization, by reviewing incidents of foreign material contamination or quality issues over time.

PPO Insights provides an easy-to-use dashboard that can be accessed from your desktop or mobile device.

Screenshot of Raw Chicken on PPO Insights
Chart showing detection of PPO's Foreign Materials

Uncover Supplier Issues

Maximize yield and minimize cost. PPO’s system will classify the materials involved in each FM incident, so contaminants can more easily be traced to the source. 

Trends in supplier issues can also be flagged through PPO Insights.

Increase Customer Confidence

Download reports that can be easily shared with your leadership team, sales team, and clients.

Demonstrate your proactive and thorough approach to ensuring compliance with their specifications.

PPO Insights Screenshot of Incident Report Summary

Enable Data Driven Decisions

PPO’s AI engine and insights platform make our system flexible and intelligent enough to meet your precise needs now and well into the future. Our platform learns on its own, eliminating bias adjustments and tricky calibrations. Digitize today with PPO’s plant-friendly features:

  • Easy add-on functionality: turn on additional modules like fat/lean or woody breast detection, without changing the hardware
  • Subscription service for data analytics and insights
  • Access to PPO Insights from any device
  • Regular software updates
  • Industry leading security protocols

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PPO is ready to partner with you to deliver safer, higher quality food to your customers.

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