Better Food with Real-Time Insights

Machine learning and big data can transform your production and your products.

A Flexible and Intelligent System

A key part of PPO’s Smart Imaging System is the artificial intelligence engine that collects and processes data, providing our customers with relevant and usable information. Through software modules and training, our AI engine is capable of using the data from our detector modules to assess many different properties of food and provide rich insights over time.

Cloud-Based, Easy to Use Dashboards

You’ll have secure access to optional metrics dashboards and detailed production quality data remotely, from any authorized device. And the system provides real-time system status updates as well as configurable notifications of critical events, so you always know exactly what’s happening in the plant

Smart Imaging Applications


PPO’s Smart Imaging System sees the chemical make-up of food as it passes by at line speed. We collect and process this information in real time, so you get the insights you need to make your products safer and higher quality.

Find Foreign Objects

PPO’s Smart Imaging System easily finds extraneous materials like plastic, rubber and bone. And the PPO Smart Imaging System can find and classify contaminants, so you can take immediate action on the line. Even when it’s never seen an object before, the system can find the contaminant and let you know it’s there, so nothing unexpected ends up in your products.

Detect Woody Breast

No more dependence on sight and feel! Reliably find and remove products affected by woody breast. Woody breast has a different chemical signature from other product, so inline inspection with PPO’s Smart Imaging System can easily classify it.

Assess Composition

Maintain your margins and meet your target composition requirements. PPO’s Smart Imaging System can assess your trim products before they make it into the combo.

Grade Accurately

PPO’s system can measure pH, tenderness, marbling, and colour.  And it can do so reliably and repeatably, so your grading is exactly right, every time. 

Measure Protein, Fat, and Moisture

Don’t just extract your moisture content from other data points! With PPO, you can measure your exact moisture content along with the fat and protein.

Made for Meat Products

PPO’s Smart Imaging System works with many different meat products, cuts, and applications, from slaughter to secondary processing.

Let’s Work Together


PPO is ready to partner with you to deliver safer, higher quality food to your customers.

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