PPO’s Smart Imaging System

Understand food chemistry with hyperspectral imaging. Improve food quality and safety at the same time, with the same food-safe system. 
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Hyperspectral Imaging Sees More

PPO’s patented solution uses hyperspectral imaging to deliver a higher quality image. That means we can more accurately assess food quality and offer richer insights than other solutions. Our system is non-destructive and operates at line speed, in real time. 

Multiple Needs, One Solution

PPO’s Smart Imaging System brings flexible sensor technology into your plant. The use of different software modules means you can detect woody breast, find extraneous materials, and do accurate meat grading with the same system.

PPO Measures Chemistry

Bone and cartilage in pork chop

Bone & Cartilage

Fat in pork chop


Protein in pork chop


Plastic in pork chop


Food Safe Design

PPO’s Smart Imaging System meets both NAMI and CFIA food-safe sanitary design principles and standards. The entire system is IP69K compliant for effective and risk-free sanitation.

Ready for the Plant


PPO’s Smart Imaging System is ready for the harsh conditions of the food processing plant. We understand this unique environment, and we’ve built our system to be tough enough for the roughest of conditions.
Industry-Leading Equipment at PPO

Industry-Leading Equipment

Our system uses parts from Allen Bradley, Festo, and other industry leaders.

Machinery with no entrapment points at PPO

No Entrapment Points

Sloped surfaces, polished welds, food safe cable glands, and passthroughs ensure water doesn’t get trapped anywhere in the system.

Watertight design at ppo

Watertight Design

Seals and seams are designed and tested to withstand both high pressure hot water and cleaning chemicals.

Machine with adjustable height at PPO

Adjustable Height

The system is designed to be raised off the floor, to make inspection and cleaning even easier.

Let’s Work Together


PPO is ready to partner with you to deliver safer, higher quality food to your customers.

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