PPO TechTalk for IPPE 2023: Achieving Zero FM by Expanding Multi-Hurdle Inspection

Title page: Achieving Zero FM by Expanding Multi-Hurdle Inspection

On January 28th at the International Production & Process Expo (IPPE), Olga Pawluczyk, CEO of PPO, talked about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of visual inspection systems, including human inspection, multi-spectral imaging, and hyperspectral imaging. She covered how some visual inspection systems can go beyond foreign materials and help address quality issues such as woody breast, PSE, or accurate lean point measurement. Lastly, she explains how meat processors are already leveraging the specific strengths of visual inspection to deliver the best likelihood of eliminating FM contamination and producing the highest quality products to market at the same time.


Understanding detection: 0:28

Factors affecting detection: 7:00

Detection using light: 11:00

Choosing a visual inspection approach: 13:00

Visual inspection with PPO: 15:20

Case Studies: 16:00

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