What’s In Your Food?

Unprecedented Smart Imaging Systems For
Processing Produce


Let’s stop wasting good food

Are you frustrated with good product being wasted because of detection and sorting limitations?

We find the majority of produce processors are disappointed with the detection and sorting limitations of their current systems. They want to focus on providing the best product and not worry about good product being wasted. However, traditional solutions are not effective in ensuring good product is not wasted. We have an innovative solution that will determine the quality of your produce, at line speeds, and effectively sort the produce. This will improve the quality of your operations and reduce unnecessary food waste. Read below to learn more about the PPO Smart Imaging System.

Apple, Lettuce, Bananas, Peppers

PPO Smart Imaging System Overview Video

Fresh produce.

Elevate the Safety & Quality of Your Food

We can advance your ability to manage your plant and supply chain like never before through our patented automated hyperspectral imaging technology that shatters conventional systems. We can help you:

  • Increase customer value and reduce customer complaints
  • Increase capacity and reduce costs
  • Improve your brand’s image and increase trust
  • Ensure suppliers are providing you with top quality product

Sort produce based on pH balance, brix content and so much more

Collard as seen through PPO's smart imaging technology.

Inline & In Real‐Time: You will be able to detect a variety of factors that contribute to the quality of your food.  Understand your product like never before, by seeing the chemistry and composition. You will know the contents of your food, which will allow you to sort more efficiently. You can use the chemical composition to determine the quality, shelf life, nutrition breakdown and so much more.

Manage Food Waste

With our patented technology, you can accurately sort food product because you can effectively determine food quality. PPO Smart Imaging Systems method is scientifically backed and will increase customer trust.


Mobile Accessibility

We understand that you have a lot of things to manage in your plant and you cannot be everywhere. It is for this reason that we made managing our system user-friendly. With the PPO Smart Imaging System, you will be able to access information about your lines right from your mobile device. A few examples are, knowing how much food was sorted in the last hour and the pH balance of the produce. Our groundbreaking technology gives you freedom, flexibility and puts you in control.

Turn Data into Action

Besides detection and diversion, our system will collect an unprecedented amount of data. Our “train the brain” approach, means over time the more information we have, the more accurate our assessments become. It is an artificial intelligence model. Imagine all the things you can do with this information.

P&P Smart Imaging Machine for Food Processing Plants

How It Works

The PPO Smart Imaging System is a fully enclosed, food-safe system that is comprised of 4 main components:

4 main components of PPO's Smart Imaging System.

How It Works

The PPO Smart Imaging System is a fully enclosed, food-safe system that is comprised of 4 main components:

A graphic that outlines the 4 main components of PPO's Smart Imaging System.

Unparalleled Service and Support

We ensure our system runs with minimal observation and needs little maintenance.

If there is a problem, the system has a mechanism that sends alerts to the supervisor and maintenance staff. Alerts are also used for proactive maintenance.

We have a strong service culture. Our team will work with you so that problems are efficiently addressed.

Why Customers Choose Our System

  • You will quickly see the  savings our system provides.
  • It is an unprecedented, patented technology.
  • The system design is robust, low maintenance, and user friendly.
  • The solution is real-time and inline.
  • Minimal floor space is required.
  • We provide outstanding support and maintenance.
  • The system is food safe and wash-friendly.
  • The system is a complete  package of hardware  and software.
  • Our technology is flexible. It can assess multiple parameters that apply to your processing plant.
“PPO’s Smart Imaging System will provide processors with unprecedented in-line visibility over food safety and quality.”Doug Alexander, Food Processing Operations Executive
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