Management Team

At P&P Optica, our managers believe in dedication, transparency and empowering our team. Click on each image to learn more about our managers.


Olga Pawluczyk
CEO & President

Olga Pawluczyk - CEO & President

Olga is most happy when she can learn new and interesting things. PPO’s combination of sensing and imaging, machine learning, business development and the food processing industry means that she’s always thrilled.

Today’s P&P Optica is Olga’s dream company. She gets to use all her skills from engineering, medical imaging, business and problem solving while working with a wonderful team. Being able to make a significant contribution to how food is produced, kept safe and nutritious provides Olga with the drive to continue combining novel technologies to address some of the most widespread and underserved needs of the food industry.

As a leader, Olga is proud to have inspired a great working environment with like-minded people who are always looking for new learnings and challenges. She is a strong believer that a good life is best illustrated by the people we surround ourselves with both in our personal and work lives. Outside of PPO, Olga is involved in the local technology scene, as an avid reader loves to discuss pretty much any topic over coffee (or wine), and enjoys spending time outside either walking or biking.


Walter Huber

Walter Huber - CFO

Walt enjoys bringing his wealth of experience in finance and strategy to contribute to profitable growth. Walt is focused on applying his deep understanding to elevate the finance function at the organizations he supports. With his collaborative approach, Walt builds effective working relationships with operations ensuring overall success across the company.

Working with companies that provide leading edge technologies like PPO’s Smart Imaging System interests Walt. It gives him the opportunity to work at the day to day transactional level, as well as the strategic and influential level. As the CFO of P&P Optica, Walt finds this breadth of responsibilities to be motivating.

Walt believes that P&P Optica is on its way to becoming a world class organization with its unique technology and terrific team. Beyond working, Walt is a health enthusiast who participates in many activities including, cycling, hiking, and traveling. Walt loves quality time with his family, cooking and appreciates a fine glass of wine.


David Lizius
Chief Operating Officer

David Lizius - Chief Operating Officer

David appreciates creating and bringing new technology-based business ventures to prosperity. His technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise ensure operations at P&P Optica are world class. As the Chief Operating Officer, David’s insights and know-how are fundamental in bringing PPO to where it is today.

As with any scale-up company, there are challenges the organization must overcome. Finding solutions to these difficult problems is one of the things that David is passionate about. Another is food! Bringing a technology to market that will improve the health and well-being of people through insights is gratifying.

David will continue to provide direction, ensuring PPO’s cool but complex solution will be successful. Outside of PPO, David enjoys listening to live music, watching theatre and cooking delicious food.


Brad Oldenburg
Software Manager

Brad Oldenburg - Production Manager

Brad’s motivation comes from using his skills to impact the world around him. Improving food safety, quality and reducing unnecessary waste trigger Brad’s ingenuity. As the Software Manager at PPO, Brad thrives on finding solutions that are innovative, elegant, and repeatable.

With Brad’s expertise in data analysis and mission critical software PPO has a unique offering for their customers. The data our systems collect provides a vast world for Brad and his team to explore and generate new insights. These insights are exclusive to our customers.

Brad’s passions for food and sustainability translate into his personal life. He is an avid gardener and regularly frequents the local farmers markets. In his off-time he’s often found salvaging urban trees to support his woodworking habits and plans to someday have his own farm. Very fitting interests as part of the PPO team.


Kevin Turnbull
VP Sales & Marketing

Kevin Turnbull - VP of Sales & Marketing

Kevin is fascinated with organizations that are in growth mode and the challenges that come with taking a new technology to market. As a seasoned VP of Sales and Marketing, Kevin understands the patience and perseverance that is required to educate customers about new technologies.

With his background in chemistry and his strong business acumen, Kevin has been integral in bringing P&P Optica to where it is today. He has helped form the strategic direction to focus on food safety and quality. Providing a technology that is making a difference on a global scale with reducing unnecessary food waste is a strong motivator for Kevin.

By concentrating on business growth, Kevin will continue to implement strategies that will ensure PPO is a market leader. Kevin’s other interests include playing hockey and baseball when time allows and spending time by the lake with his family.


Robert Shaw
VP of Product Development

Robert Shaw - VP of Product Development

Rob has a diverse background with experience in leading engineering and operations to developing and delivering innovative products and solutions in a number of challenging industries including aerospace, robotics, and transportation. He is passionate about our customers and being able to provide them with exciting new capabilities that offer exceptional quality and value.

Rob strives to create an environment where the entire team is truly enabled to be creative, solve challenges, and be their best. His leadership and mentoring skills are critical to bringing our organization to the success it is today.

Rob believes in always having fun no matter how tough things get. His hobbies include photography,flying drones, and staying in touch with leading-edge tech.

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