Philip Hancock

Philip Hancock is the Sales Engineer at PPO. In his role, he interacts with both the PPO team and the customer to integrate PPO’s Smart Imaging System into plant operations during installation and commissioning. Philip also assists the Sales Team in presenting the system to various customers and with site visits to help determine the best locations within facilities to achieve the greatest impact. Prior to PPO, Philip spent 25+ years in various capacities in the food industry, with an emphasis on proteins. After spending time in the production environment, Philip held roles in marketing, project management, new product innovation and new product commercialization. Philip holds a patent for a “System for Smoking Food” and was the recipient of the prestigious Achievers Circle award from Cargill. Outside of PPO, Philip is an avid outdoor enthusiast and an accomplished chef. Philip has his Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, Management and Operations from Wichita State University. Learn more about Philip here:

A piece of raw pork with a tiny fragment of green rubber resting on top sits beside a glove with the matching hole.

Three Foreign Material Detection Stories From the Meat Processing Plant

What’s a word that springs to mind when you think about the issue of foreign materials in meat processing? Unintentional and problematic top the list, but inevitable could easily fit in there too. That’s because the materials that lead to contamination on the processing line – including wood pallets, cardboard combos, plastic liners, disposable gloves …

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A screw and some coloured plastic pieces lined up next to a ruler.

Four Foreign Material Detection ROI Success Stories

Foreign Material Detection: High ROI from Quality and Efficiency Gains Contaminants like wood, plastic, and cardboard can slip through traditional detection methods and make their way into processed meats. This not only poses safety risks, but can seriously damage a company’s reputation. That’s why more and more meat processors are turning to hyperspectral imaging systems …

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