2020 State of Food Manufacturing Survey

In the past year, the food processing industry has faced several challenges. These challenges include dealing with a surge in demand for retail products while foodservice demand diminishes; keeping employees safe and protected; maintaining construction schedules with project managers under travel bans; and hiring.

Food Engineering Magazine published an extremely useful article on the State of Food Manufacturing in 2020 based on an annual survey they send their readership. The article covers what challenges processors are facing, how they’re adapting and what they’re expecting for the future.

The article says that demand surges and other manufacturing challenges are driving a need for greater productivity, and processors see a number of challenges to reaching that goal. The most common challenge manufacturers had in 2020 were equipment upgrades with 82% of respondents stating this.

The article then goes on to explain how technologies like automation and AI are the future of food and beverage trends. Food Engineering Magazine highlights challenges due to the ongoing pandemic, throughput and consumer demand, and the state of budgets.

We’re excited by the opportunities and future trends that the article highlighted for food and beverage manufacturers. Click on the logo below to read the report.

Food Engineering Magazine


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