What’s In Your Food?

Smart Imaging System For Your Meat Processing Plant


A system that saves you money.

Are you frustrated with the detection limitations of your X-ray and metal detectors? Do customer complaints worry you? Is brand damage and millions of dollars of lost revenue a problem?

It’s time to learn about PPO’s Smart Imaging System. Our innovative solution will simultaneously detect many foreign materials and grade food. Our solution allows you to diagnose failure points and reduce unnecessary food waste. You can eliminate sample testing and focus on providing the best product with our inline and real-time solution.

Icons showing Fish, Beef, Poultry and Ham

PPO Smart Imaging System Overview Video

Quality Processed Meat

Elevate the Safety & Quality of Your Food

Our patented hyperspectral imaging technology shatters conventional systems.

We detect more, faster, compared to any other system in the market.

  • PPO Smart Imaging works with Maple Leaf Foods to learn more about their products

Simultaneously Detect Multiple Types of Foreign Objects

Graphic showing what P&P Optica's scanning technology can identify in a steak (Cartilage & Bone,  Fat, Protein, Foreign Material)

Inline & In Real-Time: Our system will enable you to detect and identify many foreign objects. We can recognize plastic, wood, rubber, bone, cartilage, fat, and more. This allows you to remove contaminants before sending your product to your customers. And, you will know exactly what kind of foreign material has contaminated the line.

Spectral scan of bacon that detects marrow, cartilage and plastic

Quantitative Food Grading

Remove the uncertainty of subjective grading by using quantitative analysis. PPO Smart Imaging can identify the chemical composition of your product (i.e. water, protein, fat content):

  • Find the marbling
  • Identify bone and cartilage
  • Determine the pH balance of your meat
  • Calculate the water and protein ratio
  • Determine the color classification

Reduce Food Waste

You can detect foreign materials before food product goes further in the process. Our system allows you to sort your product, reduce food waste and customer rejections. The result is an increase in customer trust.

Turn Data into Action

Besides detection and diversion, our system will collect an unprecedented amount of data. Our “train the brain” approach, means over time the more information we have, the more accurate our assessments become. It is like an artificial intelligence model. Imagine all the things you can do with this information.

P&P Smart Imaging Machine for Food Processing Plants

How It Works

The PPO Smart Imaging System is a fully enclosed, food-safe system that is comprised of 4 main components:

A graphic that outlines the 4 main components of PPO's Smart Imaging System.

How It Works

The PPO Smart Imaging System is a fully enclosed, food-safe system that is comprised of 4 main components:

A graphic that outlines the 4 main components of PPO's Smart Imaging System.

Unparalleled Service and Support

We ensure our system runs with minimal observation and needs little maintenance.

If there is a problem, the system has a mechanism that sends alerts to the supervisor and maintenance staff. Alerts are also used for proactive maintenance.

We have a strong service culture. Our team will work with you so that problems are efficiently addressed.

Why Customers Choose Our System

  • Immediate savings.
  • It is an unprecedented, patented technology.
  • The system is low maintenance, requiring minimal floor.
  • Uses AI to provide valuable insights.
  • The solution is real-time and inline.
  • We provide outstanding support and maintenance.
  • The system is food safe and wash-friendly.
  • App-based access to results.
  • The flexibility to simultaneously assess many food parameters.
“P&P Optica is an exciting organization to work with. Their team is very knowledgeable, highly collaborative, and engaged. I am impressed with how their technology positively impacts food production”David Thompson, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Conestoga Meats
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