PPO Chemical Imaging for Recycling

PPO Chemical Imaging for Recycling

Isolate higher valued material and increase revenue

In the recycling industry, a key objective is sorting materials of various types into homogeneous streams, so that materials can be more easily bundled and readied for customers. The ability to “bin” materials of a certain type can significantly increase the value of a given pallet. The ability to do this while minimizing the manual effort required also has a bottom line monetary impact. In general, sorting materials effectively at higher speeds increases throughput capability and overall revenue possibilities.

At P&P Optica, we are proud that numerous recycling plants have chosen to implement our innovative technology for supporting their sorting processes. Specifically, P&P Optica technology is enabling these plants to increase the speed of their sorting lines by a factor of 3, while effectively sorting 8 or more types of plastics. These plants are enjoying the benefits of our chemical imaging solution, in the form of higher throughput and greater ability to stream high-value items into uniform batches.

Rapidly see chemistry to sort effectively

P&P Optica technology allows for very fast, accurate, non-destructive and in-line measurement of materials.

Chemical imaging, as implemented in P&P Optica’s systems, allows for quick identification of material which can then be subsequently sorted according to composition. The systems identify materials independent of colour or shape.

The recycling industry requires both very fast but also accurate sorting of materials. This need drove the development of P&P Optica’s chemical imaging system. We implemented a near-infrared imaging system which provides high resolution spatial and spectral information at up to 30,000,000 measurements/second.

With P&P Optica’s chemical imaging systems:

  • See the distribution of chemicals through a product, not just measuring a single location.
  • Fast information about materials in-line
  • Very high measurement density, able to identify even small pieces
  • Robust, non-moving system ideal for harsh conditions.

PPO SWIR has catalyzed a 3-fold increase in plastics sorting in recycling plants.

Why choose a P&P Optica system?

PPO Chemical Imaging for Recycling systems obtain more information, faster than many traditional systems available on the market today.

The speed and richness of the acquired signal permits wider conveyor belts moving at high speeds. Materials are sorted quickly and with exceptionally low false classifications.


Various plastics are clearly differentiated by PPO’s ability to see their chemistry effectively.