PPO Chemical Imaging for Oil and Gas

PPO Chemical Imaging for Oil and Gas

Increase process inputs and minimize waste

Challenging times call for practical solutions. With oil prices sagging and large capital projects on hold, producers are even more highly focused on maximizing efficiency. P&P Optica is your partner for implementing solutions that drive at the heart of maximizing output and eliminating inefficiencies. We understand the challenges vary for surface mining (oil sands), steam assisted  gravity drainage (SAGD), crude extraction, and natural gas. P&P Optica systems are designed to meet these challenges  and overcome them with innovation.

Oil Sands

In the Oil Sands, two important financial drivers are:

  1. Use of water and energy
  2. Machinery wear and tear

Our innovative chemical imaging technology forms the engine of a solution which will enable you to use water and energy optimally, and to extend machinery life. Specifically, our technology’s ability to “see chemistry” with a clarity (not otherwise possible) gives you a visibility into your process which allows you to make fast decisions. Avoid the wastage of water and energy and adjust operations to changing clay levels which can wear down valuable machinery. Efficiency is everything in your business, and we can help!

Steam Assisted  Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

The ability to purify water and re-use it in the SAGD process is a significant contributor to overall efficiency. In a partnership with P&P Optica, our chemical imaging technology will be the engine of a solution. Our systems will provide continuous visibility of water purity throughout each phase of the water recovery process.

With P&P Optica, “see chemistry” and see your efficiency increase.

Quickly obtain process information

P&P Optica technology allows for repeatable, non-destructive and in-line measurement of processes. The same chemical imaging technology from P&P Optica can be used in multiple areas of oil or gas operation.

Chemical imaging allows for decision making based on holistic information about a particular process or product. this overcomes the issue of spot analysis which may not capture the entire variability. For example, in the frothing process, it is important to obtain not just chemical information but also the general appearance of the froth prior to further processing.

In other instances, it may be important to find the distribution of particular components such as clays in a core sample.

Finally, using a chemical imaging system in a flow, it is possible to provide real-time, highly accurate results regarding the composition of the mixture under inspection.

PPO Chemical Imaging for Oil and Gas systems provide:

  • Ability to see the distribution of chemicals through a product, not just measuring a single location.
  • Fast, quantitative information about processes in-line
  • non-destructive method of measurement
  • High precision measurements of complex mixtures
  • Robust, non-moving system ideal for harsh conditions
Sample comparison of Hyperspectral Imaging Of Oil Sands

Hyperspectral imaging using PPO SWIR accurately depicts regions of clay, high bitumen, low bitumen, and water. Such information can be used by oil sands operations to optimize their processes on the fly, thus maximizing bitumen extraction while minimizing water and energy use.

Why choose a P&P Optica system?

P&P Optica chemical imaging systems obtain more information, faster than many traditional systems available on the market today.

Decisions which needed a laboratory measurement or highly trained personnel can now be delegated to automated, in-line systems.

Near Infrared Reflectance spectra using p&p optica system

Example NIR reflectance spectra obtained for various oil sand samples using P&P Optica system