PPO Smart Imaging Technology

PPO Chemical Imaging for Food Processing

P&P Optica (PPO) combines in-line Smart Imaging technology with data analytics in a novel way to help ensure the food we eat is safer, higher quality and produced with less waste.

The global food industry is facing relentless pressure to drive production volumes ever higher, with improved quality and safety of food. While automation in food handling has driven significant production gains, costly recalls are all too frequent and waste is endemic. Now with PPO’s patented automated hyperspectral imaging systems, food producers can replace subjective, error-prone visual inspection and time-consuming laboratory testing with an in-line, real-time solution. The result is higher revenue, lower costs and safer products.

Why P&P Optica Systems?

P&P Optica Smart Imaging systems obtain more information, faster than many traditional systems available on the market today.

The PPO System scans the entire width of a conveyor belt at the same time. This leads to the collection of  chemical signatures both of food and non-food product. Which in turn allows us to differentiate types of foreign materials from types of food, as well as things related to food product quality. PPO technology sees more chemistry by collecting a more robust data set, more quickly than currently possible.

Sort and Grade More Effectively

  • "See" the Unique Chemical Fingerprint of Food Material

  • Establish Human-Independent Grading System

  • Differentiate Food Product from Foreign Materials

  • Understand the Differences

  • See What Metal Detectors and X-ray, Cannot

  • Built Food Safe and For Varying Conditions

Increase Profitability

Food processing companies are under a lot of pressure to produce food products of high quality and safety. In turn, no matter the size of the company, no one is immune to food recalls. Food safety issues are always released to the public and can be very damaging to a company’s reputation and brand.

Chosen by food processors across North America, PPO provides a trusted solution. Our Smart Imaging systems provide food processors with the ability to detect foreign objects in-line, and in real time. We address the detection limitations of X-ray, Metal detectors and classic vision systems. We aim to protect your brand by helping you “see” more.

Whether your issues are in food quality, efficiency, safety, or some combination of these, talk with us about the solutions we can deliver. Our expertise in Smart Imaging technology, industrial process control, and project management will guarantee a success in your food operations.