Management Team

Olga Pawluczyk, CEO

Olga is a founder of the company and is our leader. Her technical background is in system engineering and has deep knowledge of the science of spectroscopy and its use in medical imaging. She completed her MBA, after taking over the helm of the company from her father, Romek. Olga has worked relentlessly to identify the food processing industry as the key vertical market for the company and then to bring to market our revolutionary Smart Imaging System packaged to address some of the most widespread and underserved needs of the industry.

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David Lizius, Chief Operating Officer

David is an experienced engineer and business executive, who has an impressive 35-year track record of bringing advanced technology products to market. He has led businesses in the UK, USA and Canada. He has built and led highly performing teams to develop and manufacture products including optical imagers, infrared calibration systems, signal processing hardware, software and firmware. His experience is mostly in the aerospace and nuclear industries, requiring products to work in harsh environments under the most rigorous quality and reliability standards. In recent years, David has acted as mentor to several technology start-ups and SMEs, but was so excited by the potential for PPO to impact the food industry that he joined the team.

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Kevin Turnbull, VP of Sales and Marketing

Kevin brings over 18 years’ experience in many key aspects of business development. He has excelled in front-line sales of complex technology solutions to global accounts and applied that success in building and leading sales teams that have consistently grown the business and established long term partnerships with clients. Kevin is passionate about ensuring that we understand what our customers need and while customers get to see Kevin present our products and capabilities in the best possible light, he spends just as much time internally ensuring the team truly understands our customers need so we focus our efforts on creating value.

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Robert Shaw, VP of Product and Operations

Rob brings over 25 years of diverse experience leading engineering and operations to develop and deliver advanced technology products and solutions in a number of challenging industries. He is passionate about our customers and providing them with innovative new products and services that offer exceptional value. He is passionate about making advanced technology functional, manufacturable, reliable, maintainable and operable. Rob is a Mechanical Engineer, MBA and is PMI certified. Rob is 100% focused on developing our Smart Imaging System.

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