What’s in your food?

Do better than visual inspection!

Future-proof your plant with best-in-class automated detection of low-density foreign materials.

Why Choose PPO?


Find and Remove Foreign Objects

PPO works in-line to find low-density materials like plastic, cardboard, wood, rubber and more, down to very small sizes. 


Measure Quality Continuously

Identify muscle myopathies like woody breast in your product stream. Accurately measure lean point, moisture, pH and more. 

Monitor Processes In-Line

Review FM findings and monitor quality. Receive real-time info about your products, processes, and suppliers using PPO Insights software. 

How PPO Inspects for Quality and Food Safety

Only PPO delivers automated in-line inspection of your products. Using a proven technology called hyperspectral imaging, PPO assesses the chemical composition of your products in-line, in real time.

PPO’s Smart Imaging System combines hyperspectral imaging (hardware), artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics software to deliver the most effective automated inspection solution on the market. Since our technology assesses chemistry, we don’t rely on density or color contrast to find foreign materials in your product stream. And our system accurately measure quality at the same time, with the same system, without compromising detection.

Operating in meat and poultry processing plants across North America

Fieldale Farms

How PPO's Smart Imaging Works

Only PPO’s Smart Imaging System combines hyperspectral imaging, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics software, and machine learning. We assess the chemistry of your products – no more reliance on density or color contrast!  PPO delivers the most effective in-line inspection solution on the market.

PPO team member working on the Smart Imaging System
Plastic on Raw Pork

Saving Millions for Our Customers

No other solution on the market finds bone, plastic, rubber as effectively as PPO. PPO’s built-in AI delivers actionable, relevant info to support decision-making, optimize processes, and reduce both waste and charge-backs. .

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