PPO IRIS Spectroscopy software

PPO IRIS Spectroscopy software

P&P Optica is proud to unveil PPO Iris spectroscopy software, a brand new advanced spectroscopic data analysis and acquisition software application. Built from the ground up to complement our high performance spectrometers, Iris is a simple yet powerful tool to aid in your spectroscopy needs. Our software designers have focused on creating an intuitive solution to the challenging process of significantly enhancing the performance of spectrometers. Not only does Iris enable complex data processing with a sleek, easy to learn visual interface, it also enables the user to manipulate their data in a manner that best suits their specific needs. Iris is designed to give you the same performance regardless of which camera is attached to your spectrometer. This means that we are best able to optimize Iris for spectroscopy, not just generic scientific imaging; a claim which can be made by only a select few. With this strong and ever expanding feature set, Iris will change the way you think about spectroscopy.



Hardware Agnostic
Iris is compatible with a wide variety of cameras including: Princeton, Andor, Hamamatsu, GigE, Allied and Raptor cameras.

Automatic Calibration
You work in a world of wavelengths, not pixels. Iris automatically calculates a pixel to wavelength mapping. One click flips between a wavelength or pixel view of your data.

Keystone and Smile Correction
No optical system is without any aberrations. Iris provides real-time corrections of some of the most common aberrations.

Multi-channel Aware
Iris automatically detects multiple channels, and lets you control and manipulate the data accordingly.

Advanced Visualization
View your data in three dimensions, or as a hyperspectral cube.

Realtime Adjustment
Subtract a dark image from your acquisition feed, smooth a spectral curve.

Fine Grained Image Control
Zoom into any region of interest. Set your own range, or let Iris automatically scale the image for you. Adjust brightness, contrast and/or greyscale.

Peak Detection
Iris will find any peak in a spectrum, and will try to fit a gaussian peak to it.

Multiple Data Formats
Easily export data for advanced processing in other common scientific software (Matlab, Excel, LabView).