PPO Raman Systems


Designed to deliver high performance chemical images with the lowest possible optical distortion. P&P Optica’s patented, non-scanning Raman, Gel Grating based, spectrometers provide exceptionally high throughput with low noise.

Coupled with an optional, innovative 3 mm diameter optical probe, with top based Raman, and cut-off filters for non-contact sampling, the PPO Raman systems deliver unmatched performance for applications. P&P Optica’s non-scanning Raman, Gel Grating based spectrometers are well suited to provide real-time quantitative analysis of chemical compositions in gas, liquid and solid states.

PPO Raman systems are offered at both a 532 nm and 785 nm laser excitation. Also availible in a high resolution system is the PPO Raman 785 nm

PPO Raman 532 nm
Spectral Range: 800 – 4540 cm -1

PPO Raman 785 nm
Spectral Range: 130 – 2640 cm-1

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Since Raman spectroscopy measures the vibrational frequencies of molecules, it provides information regarding their structure and contains both a unique fingerprint and information regarding the molecules present in the sample being examined. P&P Optica provides outstanding Raman optical design in both the 532 nm and 785 nm which allow for;

Ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) through the combination of high efficiency transmission technology and the use of large detector array
Non-scanning systems enable low-light, time dependent measurements
Designed for multiple Raman applications (microscopy, imaging, multichannel Raman)
PPO raman systems provide competitive performance with less expensive cameras. One of the most significant laser Raman advantages is that it provides excellent species identification when compared to chemical imaging techniques such as mass spectrometry and chromatography.


P&P Optica provides systems to meet your industrial and research needs. P&P Optica has provided systems and solutions for various applications.

  • Quality control
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Forensics
  • Polymers
  • Hazardous material identification.

P&P Optica is your partner in implementing and using spectral imaging systems. We take pride in developing systems with our customers to bridge the gap between custom and turn-key solutions. through innovative design P&P Optica’s systems provide sensitivity unprecedented for industrial chemical imaging. You will obtain all the information you require quickly, no matter what your application or industry!