PPO Near Infrared (NIR)

PPO Near Infrared (NIR)

P&P Optica’s Near Infrared System! Your solution for sorting, quality assurance, inspection, agriculture, recycling and food safety.


The exceptionally high throughput capabilities of P&P Optica’s recently unveiled imaging Near Infrared (NIR) systems have proven to be highly effective in industrial applications.

  • Faster set-up and processing time
  • Allows for scanning across larger conveyor belts
  • Inspect more complex materials and see their chemistry

P&P Optica Near-Infrared (NIR) spectrometer

Wavelength range [nm]850-1700
Slit width [um]< 20
Slit length [mm]12
Aberration CorrectionYes
Weight [kg]1.8
Pixel size [um]15

The PPO NIR system can be installed above a conveyor belt  or a process line to continuously produce chemical images of objects moving below it.

Designed with our customer’s applications in mind, the PPO Near Infrared (NIR) system opens up many cost effective possibilities to the end user:

  • Extremely high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Superior imaging performance
  • Unmatched spatial and spectral resolution
  • limited scatter and stray light
  • modular design optimizes price to performance ratio

The system is designed to be robust and easily maintained to provide a continuous flow of information for demanding industrial applications.

P&P Optica’s gel gratings and patented spectrometers result in high signal-noise-ratio (SNR) and dynamic range, which allow us to meet the most challenging inspection needs. Our unique design and use of 2-D detectors allows the PPO NIR to obtain chemical information for each point across a wide field of view.

  • The PPO NIR is your solution for:
  • Sorting  ,Quality Assurance, Inspection
  • Agriculture
  • Recycling
  • Food Safety
  • Hyperspectral Applications
  • Chemical Detection

P&P Optica is your partner in implementing and using spectral imaging systems.  We take pride in developing systems with our customers to bridge the gap between custom and turn-key solutions. through innovative design P&P Optica’s systems provide sensitivity unprecedented for industrial chemical imaging. You will obtain all the information you require quickly, no matter what your application or industry!