PPO Multichannel Spectrometer

PPO Multichannel Spectrometer


P&P Optica Multichannel spectrometer

Number of channels200 (dependant on detector and fiber size)
Spectral bandwidth250 - 2500 (options available in range)
Dispersion (nm/pixel)< 0.025
Slit lenghtVariable (matching detector size up to 25mm)
Slit widthFixed or variable (minimum 5 microns)
Weight [Kg]< 3
High performance multi-channel spectrometers based on PPO Gel Gratings can be used as a robust, low cost replacement of multiple spectrometers. The unique P&P Optica transmission based design allows for monitoring of up to 200 separate channels all in a single exposure. Channels can each resolve up to 1000 separate spectral points. The system also provides signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of more than 5000:1 per single channel (multiplexing several channels significantly improves the SNR).

PPO Multichannel spectrometers use multi fiber input so that each fiber’s dispersed spectrum is projected onto a two dimensional detector. The number of channels available is limited by the length of the spectrometer entrance slit, dimensions of the detector array, the diameter of input fibers and the distance between the fibers as selected to ensure acceptable crosstalk level.

PPO Multichannel spectrometers are exceptional in characterizing objects from many directions at the same time. This ability is particularly useful in optical topography and tomography applications. Specific applications can range from measuring oxygenation of cancerous tumours at many locations within the tumour; observing complicated plasma reactions; remote sensing applications; analysing the mixing level of a mixture at many points within the mixing tank; measuring several different processes of a production line at the same time and characterizing spectral response of light sources.

  • Up to 200 individual channels.
  • Centralized system, no inter-channel synchronization problems.
  • Cost effective solution, no duplication of spectrometers nor of supporting spectrometer accessories.
  • Non-scanning system enables low-light, time dependent measurements.
  • Compact and rugged for industrial applications.