Xenics and PPO: A Case Study

Spectrometer Camera

Xenics Infrared Solutions recently featured P&P Optica in their white paper titled “Automated Assessment of Food Quality and Safety”. Xenic’s Cheetah cameras are an important part of PPO’s spectrometers.

This white paper outlines PPO’s inspection solution for food processors, and why we chose to use Xenics technology in our Smart Imaging System. It also explains our rich history of spectroscopy research and how we pivoted to the food industry. And it outlines how we help food processors deliver high quality and safe products to their consumers.

We’re grateful to work with Xenics and to be featured in this white paper ! If you’re curious to know how we use the Xenics Cheetah camera for food inspection, we hope you’ll take a read. Click the logo below to get access.

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