SPEC 2016 Sponsored By PPO

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This year’s SPEC 2016 conference will be held in Montreal Quebec, on June 26th through till the 30th. This conference is an opportunity to bring together clinicians and scientists who are exploring the potential of vibrational spectroscopy in biological science and medicine.

The importance of this conference is to rally behind the advances in the biological and medicine fields. This is an area in which P&P Optica has always been a strong supporter. P&P Optica has recently launched initiatives in the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging space at Lawson Health and Research Institute and with Dr. Marinko Sarunic at Simon Fraser University! P&P Optica is proud to be on the sponsorship ticket for this year’s conference.

P&P Optica has always been a strong believer in delivering solutions that are configured to meet the needs of our customers and partners. With our highly sensitive, customizable array of optical spectrometers, backed by our proprietary gel gratings, we are helping supply the tools to foster growth and innovation in the field of science and research. P&P Optica strives to support those in research with high quality equipment that allows scientists to see the chemistry and experience the results.

For more information on this year’s conference please visit:

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