PPO and SFU Aim to Advance Biomedical Imaging



Advances in Biological Imaging and PPO

For several years now P&P Optica (PPO) has been deeply involved in the OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) space. P&P Optica chemical imaging OCT spectrometers feature the trademark PPO strengths: ultra-high signal-to-noise, top-notch performance, and innovative design.

The OCT market is rapidly growing with the latest statistics estimating an 11.37% compound growth rate per year by 2022. P&P Optica is well-positioned to address the needs of this market! Our unique OCT spectrometer offering we have today, and with our commitment to continuous innovation P&P Optica is your trusted partner.

At the forefront of OCT technological design research is Dr. Marinko Sarunic’s Biomedical Optics Research Group (BORG) at Simon Fraser University. At BORG, one focus of Dr. Sarunic’s group is the design and construction of OCT imaging systems for small animal disease models and human subjects is primarily for studies in ophthalmology and vision science, and they are truly leaders in this area!

PPO is very proud of the partnership that we’ve had with Dr. Sarunic over the last 2+ years, and in 2015 we set plans to expand this partnership going into 2016. A key focus of this partnership has been in finding the ultimate balance between high performance spectrometers, and high performance software with GPU accelerated OCT processing to help build upwards to an imaging system. We are excited about this continued alliance aimed at making advances in the design of high-quality biomedical imaging systems for OCT!

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