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P&P Optica Announces Foreign Materials Challenge at IPPE, Powered by Smart Imaging System

Waterloo, Ontario – January 17, 2024

P&P Optica (PPO), the leader in advanced imaging solutions for the meat processing industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of their first Foreign Materials Challenge at this year’s International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE). The challenge will be hosted on PPO’s Smart Imaging System, in PPO’s IPPE booth, BC45087.

The Foreign Materials Challenge invites participants from across the industry to test whether PPO’s Smart Imaging System can find FMs that other systems or human inspectors have missed. Attendees at IPPE will have the opportunity to run foreign materials from their own plant through the PPO system, challenging PPO’s proven state-of-the art solution to find even the most difficult-to-detect materials and showcasing the potential of PPO’s technology in enhancing food safety standards.

“We are at a pivotal moment in the meat processing industry, where the integration of technology like our Smart Imaging System is not just an advantage, but a necessity,” said Olga Pawluczyk, CEO of P&P Optica. “This challenge serves as a platform to highlight the importance of advanced imaging in detecting foreign materials. The challenge also illustrates the industry’s strong commitment to ensuring the highest quality, safest possible meat products. “

“We are so confident in the capabilities of our system that we will offer a gift card to anyone who brings materials from their own plant that our system isn’t able to detect,” says Pawluczyk.

PPO’s Smart Imaging System, known for its award-winning inspection technology and its sanitation-tested design, represents a significant leap in the detection of low-density contaminants such as plastics, wood, and other foreign materials in meat products. The system utilizes true hyperspectral imaging technology to provide unparalleled accuracy in foreign material detection. PPO’s systems are operating in pork, poultry and beef processing facilities across North America and globally, significantly reducing foreign materials incidents and delivering rapid payback to customers. 

The Foreign Materials Challenge emphasizes the importance of innovative technologies in maintaining and even improving the industry’s rigorous food safety standards. The challenge is expected to attract industry professionals as well as technology enthusiasts, fostering a dialogue on the future of food safety and automated inspection.

For more information about the Foreign Materials Challenge and participation details, please visit our website.

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