Jenevieve Ayuste

Jenevieve Ayuste is the Sales and Marketing Coordinator at P&P Optica. She manages PPO's website and social media. Read her blogs and articles on PPO's website.

PPO Team wears the rainbow

Pride at PPO 2021

Happy Pride Month! Every June, we honour Canada’s Pride history. In 1981, a raid known as “Operation Soap” happened in Toronto. Police stormed four gay bathhouses and arrested 286 people. In response to the police brutality and injustice of the raid, Torontonians held rallies. The events of “Operation Soap” is what sparked Pride in our …

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Photo of PPO's Spectrometers

3 Reasons Why Food Processors Should Know About Spectrometers

Spectrometers are the heart of PPO’s Smart Imaging System. A lot goes into building these precision instruments. Our recent video series “Lights, Cameras, Spectrometers” gives you an insider view on how PPO builds our spectrometers. But how do these sensitive tools work in a food processing plant? And why is it important for food processors …

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Spectrometer Camera

Xenics and PPO: A Case Study

Xenics Infrared Solutions recently featured P&P Optica in their white paper titled “Automated Assessment of Food Quality and Safety”. Xenic’s Cheetah cameras are an important part of PPO’s spectrometers. This white paper outlines PPO’s inspection solution for food processors, and why we chose to use Xenics technology in our Smart Imaging System. It also explains …

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Food Engineering Magazine

2020 State of Food Manufacturing Survey

In the past year, the food processing industry has faced several challenges. These challenges include dealing with a surge in demand for retail products while foodservice demand diminishes; keeping employees safe and protected; maintaining construction schedules with project managers under travel bans; and hiring. Food Engineering Magazine published an extremely useful article on the State …

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