Waterloo’s P&P Optica Lands Follow-Up Event with Silicon Valley Start-up Accelerator

On Wednesday, Nov 2nd, CEO Olga Pawluczyk took the stage at Google Demo Day: Women’s Edition to share P&P Optica’s Smart Imaging technology and its new way of looking at the food we eat. PPO Smart Imaging technology uses hundreds of wavelengths of light to give food processors the ability to see chemical signatures in real-time, and in-line. These chemical signatures relay information to the food processor that will allow them to determine the quality of our food, help sort “good” from “bad” more effectively resulting in a reduction of food waste and ultimately protect consumers by detecting foreign materials in food. The presentation placed an extremely high importance on assuring the 7.1 billion customers in the $4 trillion dollar market that something is being done to address issues of global waste and costly recalls. PPO Smart Imaging technology fills the gap of current detection technologies in food processing.

“There is currently nothing like PPO Smart Imaging technology on the market today. Our technology is IP protected and positioned to make a real change in the food processing industry, for the better! The amount of data we collect alone can provide better insight to food processors. I’m truly grateful to Google for having us present and share our story with the world.”said VP of Sales Kevin Turnbull

PPO was one of 12 start-ups selected from 800 applicants, across 65 countries to speak at the event. Being a part of such a prestigious event created an abundance of networking opportunities, not only with the other start-ups going through similar trials but also with mentors and investors, whose goals are to help grow the flourishing the tech community. One opportunity that spoke to the innovation and success of PPO’s presentation was an invitation to speak at a similarly exciting event being held by Plug-and-play; a Silicon Valley start-up accelerator. This event will feature start-up technology aimed at the agriculture, food, and beverage industry.

“The team and I could not be more excited to have had our presentation be so well received. The result of an invitation to speak at another event shows that our story is a compelling one. We are thankful for the networking opportunity that Plug-and-Play is providing us with to help us continue to expand our conversation in the agriculture/ food and beverage space. This goes to show that people are seeing how our technology can truly revolutionize the way our food is made. We cannot stress enough how important it is to reduce food waste and protect consumers. PPO Smart Imaging technology reduces food waste, ensures the highest quality of our food, and mitigates risk for both consumer and processor. “ CEO Olga Pawluczyk

The event will be held on Wednesday, November 9th in Sunnyvale, CA.

About Plug and Play:

Plug and Play is a global innovation platform. They connect startups to corporations, and invest in over 100 companies every year.

“We get asked a lot about what we do. Are we an accelerator? A co-working space? An investor? A place for corporate innovation?
The truth is, we are all of those things and more. Every single year, hundreds of entrepreneurs pass through our vertical-specific accelerator programs and team up with our corporate partners.

Nearly 400 startup have long-term office space in the building too. It is the perfect place to meet likeminded innovators.

And, yes, we invest in A LOT of companies. We make seed investments in our accelerator programs, and have a stage-agnostic fund for companies a little further down the line.

To top it all off we have a huge list of qualified mentors, angels, and VCs that combine at the events we run every week.”