GHFFA’s annual Queen’s Park Day

Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance

Queen’s Park played host to the GHFFA on February 29th 2016.  Farmers, processors and alliance members had the chance to pay visits to MPP offices. This annual meeting serves as an opportunity to discuss food and farming with municipal leaders in Toronto.     Read the GHFFA article here

Amongst the groups present on Monday at Queen’s Park were Olga Pawluczyk and Kevin Turnbull of P&P Optica Inc. This was an opportunity which came by invitation from Doug Alexander via P&P Optica’s ongoing relationship with Ippolito Fruit and Produce. PPO’s involvement in the Ontario Food industry is expanding! With recent successes in the past couple of month this exciting event brought lots of opportunity for growth and discussion. A key corner stone in the PPO business model is collaboration. Learning more about the needs and the demands of Ontario based producers and processors allows for our solutions to be meaningful in both a labour and business context. Kevin Turnbull VP of sales praised the GHFFA and its work on the event:

“It was our pleasure to add our voices to the group that met with various MPPs in representing Ontario’s vitally important food and farming industry.  Being a technology company that serves the food processing and agriculture industries, we brought a unique perspective to the discussions and it was an honour and a thrill to be part of them.  We applaud the GHFFA and everyone involved in Queen’s Park Day – it was clear that the message resonated deeply, and we hope it helps to catalyse additional supportive action by our government going forward.”

There is significant potential for new technology to impact efficiency of food production, processing and packaging by reducing waste. In particular, the interest of  consumers in local food (farm to fork) will allow Ontario based food producers to expand their offerings.  The access to local, non-transported food will lead to happier and healthier consumers as well as will have significant economic impact on the region. CEO Olga Pawluczyk shared her thoughts on the Ontario food industry.

“We see that everyone, from farmers to processors to packagers and even government officials are excited to see Ontario food production grow and change.  Ontario is one of the best regions to grow food in the world! With strong collaborative projects which marry technology to food production, we can enhance our food production from farmed product all the way to processed and packaged food.”

P&P Optica continues to strive for growth in collaboration with industry manufactures and producers and looks forward to attending many such events in the near future!