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Lawson Imaging and P&P Optica Announce Technology Partnership

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September 10, 2015 – P&P Optica, Waterloo-based chemical imaging technology provider, is proud to announce the launch of a partnership with the Imaging Program of the Lawson Health Research Institute.

In this partnership P&P Optica (PPO) will design and build a custom PPO Multichannel spectrometer that will become an instrumental part of a project lead by the Lawson scientists, Drs. Keith St. Lawrence and Mamadou Diop. A main focus of the Lawson team is developing new and innovative imaging techniques for studying brain pathologies. In this case, PPO’s Multichannel spectrometer will be a core part of a system to monitor brain health in the neonatal intensive care unit.

“We are pleased to be working with P&P Optica, and leveraging their spectrometer design expertise” states Dr. St. Lawrence. “Their history of building highly sensitive systems for specific applications, gave us the comfort in selecting them as the chosen partner for this aspect of our project”.

P&P Optica’s CEO, Olga Pawluczyk adds, “We are very excited to be working with Drs. St. Lawrence and Diop, with whom we share a strong interest in advancing the capabilities of medical diagnostic technology. To that extent we hope this will result in demonstrating that spectroscopy can provide more meaningful information about the human brain function than has been understood to date”.

About Lawson Health Research Institute

The Lawson Health Research Institute is one of the largest hospital-based research institutes in Canada. The researchers at Lawson focus their efforts on the development of new knowledge that can be applied directly to patient care within the hospitals. The research at Lawson expands the continuum of life- from birth to death – and this is reflected in the research themes. These themes are  mirror in the clinical areas of London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care, London. Lawson has joined with its partner research and clinical institutions. Among others, the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), to provide core research and facilities that can be utilized by investigators  in London. Lawson has over 1,200 people including principal investigators, researchers, technicians, support staff and trainees working at seven sites across London. For more information visit lawsonresearch.comDr. St. Lawrence, and Mamadou Diop

About P&P Optica 

P&P Optica is a leading innovator in the development of chemical imaging technology. Located in the technology hub of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, the company has developed a transmission-based, high-performance spectroscopy platform which is able to quickly provide lab-quality results in a small, portable form factor.

Our high-performance, gel-grating based spectrometers provide the best cost/performance ratio in the following areas: food processing, industrial sorting, industrial chemical imaging, environmental testing, biochemical analysis and process control. For more information visit