About P&P Optica

P&P Optica Inc. began as a research-focused company working in spectroscopy. The research we were doing was so unique that we built on-site clean lab facilities to allow us to build and test our own spectrometers. PPO’s patented spectrometers are able to extract cleaner information faster than other solutions, based on their superior ability to collect light.

As spectroscopy evolved, our research expanded to include industrial applications of our proven, patented technology. While working with oil and gas, medical technology and space exploration clients, PPO began considering how we could positively affect the food processing industry. 

PPO has developed a unique solution for assessing and sorting food in-line and in real time. PPO’s Smart Imaging System combines patented hyperspectral imaging technology with artificial intelligence to effectively read and understand food chemistry.

PPO has an expert team of hardware and software engineers, software developers, physicists, nano-technicians, chemists, mechatronics experts and much more. Our team have worked in industries such as food production, imaging, aerospace, automotive, broadcasting and projection, software development and robotics.

PPO is proud to be based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.