Learn About P&P Optica

P&P Optica Inc. is a food processing solutions company located in Waterloo Ontario, Canada. What was once a prominently research driven company has now expanded out into the fields of industrial process solutions with our innovative array of chemical imaging spectrometers. PPO provides industrial application solutions in the Food processing industry, and other similar industries to:

Increase food safety: through detection of foreign materials (such as plastics).

Reduce food waste: by increasing the food processing efficiency.

Improve food quality: through in-line grading of food products and materials.

P&P Optica (PPO) combines in-line smart imaging technology with data analytics in a novel way to help ensure the food we eat is safer, higher quality and produced with less waste.

The global food industry is facing relentless pressure to drive production volumes ever higher, with improved quality and safety of food.  While automation in food handling has driven significant production gains, costly recalls are all too frequent and waste is endemic.  Now with PPO’s patented automated hyperspectral imaging systems, food producers can replace subjective, error-prone visual inspection and time-consuming laboratory testing with an in-line, real-time solution. The result is higher revenue, lower costs and safer products.